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The Other Ones

Limited Flag: NoSBD / NoMatrix / NoFM / NoXM / NoSirius / NoStudio / NoSides

"You can proceed with the Otherones music as you were authorized to do for Grateful Dead music: 1) fan tapes only and 2) no board tapes."

NO SBD, NO Matrix, NO Official Releases (MunckMix CD's purchased at shows) NO Sirius/XM Broadcasts, No FM Broadcasts.
Permission does not extend to any members other side projects
(beyond Phil & Friends and Ratdog, that have granted LMA permission individually).
So this does not cover anything other then shows billed as "The Other Ones"....."

Any sources uploaded outside the scope of this policy will be removed immediately.

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The Other Ones
Apr 4, 2019 The Other Ones
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Set I Truckin-> The Other One-> Mystery Train-> Loose Lucy-> Loser, Bach's 2 Part Invention, Blackbird, Black Muddy River, Friend Of The Devil, White Wheeled Limousine, Estimated Prophet, Only The Strange Remain*, Samson And Delilah*-> Drums-> Space-> The Other One   Comment Before Bach's 2 Part Invention Phill Said "Small Technical Diffuculties, So Sorry" */with Jorma
Topics: Audience, Pete Ebel
Source: Schoeps CMC 6 MK 4-> Sonosax P/S-> Panasonic SV255->DAT
The Other Ones
Aug 24, 2010 The Other Ones
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The Other Ones 1998-07-12 Polaris Amphitheatre Columbus, OH Source: Neumann SKM 184's DFC Lawn > Audio Magic Sceptor II Cables > PSP-2 Pre-amp > Tascam DA-P1 48k/16bit Transfer: Sony R300 Dat > Hhb CDR-800 44.1k/16bit > EAC > FLAC16 01. Truckin'> 02. The Other One> 03. Mystery Train*> 04. Loose Lucy 05. Loser 06. Piano Jam 07. Blackbird> 08. Black Muddy River 09. Friend Of The Devil 10. White Wheeled Limousine 11. Estimated Prophet 12. Only The Strange Remain 13....
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Topics: rock, jam, cosmickc, kelly casey
Source: Neumann SKM 184's DFC Lawn > Audio Magic Sceptor II Cables > PSP-2 Pre-amp > Tascam DA-P1 48k/16bit
The Other Ones
Oct 4, 2009 The Other Ones
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Crowd Truckin' The Other One Mystery Train Loose Lucy Loser Tech. Difficulties/Bruce Jam Blackbird Black Muddy River Friend Of The Devil Jam White Wheeled Limousine Estimated Prophet Only The Strange Remain Samson And Delilah Drumz Space The Other One China Doll China Cat Sunflower I Know You Rider
Topics: Audience, Doug Nawrocki
Source: Nak 300's/CP4's > HHB